Friday, September 23, 2016

It's All About The Dogs And Dinner

Woke up to a beautiful sky.
 Halfway through chores I put the pups in the back yard where
they like to keep an eye on me from the stoop.

 By the time I finished cleaning stalls, the temperature started to drop.
We even had an afternoon of rain.
 I spent a great part of the day on the phone or doing bookwork.
Then I got an email from Topper and Carol about going out to dinner and we decided to hit the 
Village Inn in Caledonia.
I had to take a couple photos of this shop for Sara of Punkin Patch.

 This is such a great spot.  Beautiful inside and out.
 Carol and Topper started with a seafood bisque...
 Gary had clam chowder.
No soup for me.
 I had a salad.
 My entree was a Tuscan stack....chicken, spinach, mozarella cheese and a roasted red pepper sauce.
On the side, risotto and mixed veggies (green beans, squash and carrots).
 Carol had broiled fish...

 So did Gary.
 Topper's dish was presented with great style....Chicken French with rice and mixed veggies.
 No dessert ordered, but we were given Gramma's cookies at the end of our meal.
 It was a longish drive, but well worth it.  An interesting menu, excellent service and presentation.
If you have never been there...give it a shot. 
 There is a roundabout outside the restaurant with a monument in the center.
Very dramatic in the dark.
Home by 8:30.
Night all.


Unknown said...

That Tuscan stack looks so good. I haven't eaten out with Luke for ages, we definitely need to!

Grey Horse Matters said...

The food looks tasty. I think LW looks like he's getting a little bigger. Such cute pups.