Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Day Full Of Color....

From morning 'til night.

 When can I come back in?

 Class today.
 Another HUGE bread delivery.  Carina brought us a sample of
"Belle's Challah Bread."
You would have loved it!
 I don't buy bread at the store anymore....ever.  This is all too good!

 Little Wonder loves his Auntie Shamra.  Remember her?  She went with me to find this pup.

 As soon as I got back in the house, Gary informed me that a hay delivery was on the way.
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is actually 3rd cutting grass and it is the very best I have ever seen.
I've ordered 150 more bales.  Thank you Jerry.  He got it in Strykersville, which is not all that far from here and obviously...they missed out on the drought.
 This afternoon it got very hot and muggy so I took it easy for awhile.
Gary has a terrible cold and his voice has all but disappeared.  Not good.
I ended up going to Mary Ann's art opening by myself.
She creates silk constructions that are absolutely up my alley.
 This is one of the best shows I have seen at the Tower Fine Arts Gallery.
 Everything was sewn by hand.
 Her sense of color and use of textures is dazzling.
Some of these pieces are very large, and she has taken on many commissions for bed quilts.
I would love one!

 Mary Ann started her career as a painter in 1977.  
By 1983 she was showing these beautiful silk hangings.
At 85, she is still going strong.  
I am happy to say that I have two of her small pieces and a couple of her silk cards.
I'm so glad I went to this show.
Night all.


lilysgrannie said...

I love that photo of Little Wonder and Phoebe on your mast head. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us who follow your blog. I'd love to have a little dog but I can't quite convince my husband after we lost our beloved Potter, a sweet mixed lab.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great art work, I'd like one too. The pups are just adorable. As for the challah bread yum. I like mine as french toast.

Val Ewing said...

Love the artwork, it is so beautiful. At one time I wanted to do that with quilts. However I lack the patience and talent!