Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Sauce And The Garden Is Still Loaded With Tomatoes and Peppers!

 Home, home on the range....

 I had a few spare minutes, so I went out to the Studio and worked on my painting this afternoon.
LW took his normal position.
 Sidney was waiting for us outside the door.

 We did a lot of picking in the garden today.
Little Wonder carried in one small yellow tomato.

 There was a good crowd at the Sunday Jam.
Missed Doug, our bass player.

 We went out for dinner tonight and picked some green beans for our hosts.
Also dropped off a bag of tomatoes and peppers for Adam R. on the way.
 Our garden is into very high production.

 It was Gary's turn to make sauce and it has to be the best batch so far.
The kitchen smelled great all day.
 Before we left, the pups had their dinner....scrambled eggs and kibbles.
They loved it.
 One more trip outside....

 and we were off.

 What a delicious meal!
 The weather was perfect and we ate outside.
It was dark when we had dessert!  
The ultimate fruit salad...
 and cake!

 We are getting very spoiled!
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Nice! I think I'll have about 5 peppers this year. But since I only planted two plants as an experiment, that is okay.
My tomatoes are doing okay but not fantastic.
I'm getting enough to make some great sauces and I guess that is what is important!
Looks like you are busy in the kitchen as well as everywhere else!

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a great place! Mom would add a piggy
Lily & Edward