Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back To The Pool...

 The sunrise was brilliant.

 By the time I finished chores I was wringing wet.  Muggy again.

At 10:30 Kate and Walker came over to try out their three dressage tests.
 Once again, he was a very good boy.

 This afternoon when I had the dogs outside
 Little Wonder found an apple on the ground that was half eaten (probably by bees).
 He would not let me take it from him.

 The only reason I got it, was because we were going into the house and he dropped it.

I needed a green pepper for my bean salad, so we ventured out to the garden 
to pick a few...tomatoes too. Sauce tomorrow.

 I met Judy at Tina's pool.  The water temperature was 85 degrees and felt like a million bucks.

 After dragging myself out, I went into the house to help Tina, Sara and Amy work on the painting they are doing for our art show.
 None of them have worked on such a big canvas and it was fun 
to watch them painting with great freedom

 Between them, they had an amazing collection of brushes.
 I did not get home until after 4.  Gary was taking it easy and still has a terrible cold.
 We were invited to Cooper's birthday dinner...Gary stayed home and I went.
 Below is one of those typical family photos.  Jen wanted a picture with Finn and you can see what he thought about it.
 Not Cooper, he loved having his picture taken with Mom.

 The menu was planned according to Coop and it tasted great.
Burgers, Italian sausage with peppers and onions, roasted potatoes and salad.
 Lots and lots of presents.

 I got my first look at Scotts new truck.  He just drove it to Brockport from Texas last weekend.
It's gorgeous.
 I'm not used to it getting dark so early!
Night all.

Today Bugs (LW's brother) owner posted a picture of him looking at Little Wonder on her computer.
What a great shot!  I can't wait until they meet.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like Cooper enjoyed his party. Love the picture of Bug looking at LW. Now that's cute. Nice looking truck, very cool.