Saturday, September 17, 2016


 Here is the Skoog Farm version of "our gang" waiting for breakfast.  
Sidney was nowhere to be seen.
As expected, Little Wonder crawled into one of the cat's baskets.

When I finished chores it started to pour, and it continued on and off all day.

 It's all because I had the arenas rototilled yesterday.
It NEVER fails.

 I swear, LW is looking for a modeling career!

 Around 4 Gary and I went out to the Studio to work on our paintings.
This peanut wanted to sleep in front of mine.
 Funky colors and a long way to go.

 Gary whited out his first painting and will start a new one.  In the meantime he is working on another rocking chair.   It looks like a bomb hit!

 At 7 we picked up Jenny and Scott and headed over to Jack M's house for a winish party.

 Our friend Bill A. had too much wine in his cellar and he wanted Jack to invite some
"winos" over to help consume it.  So he did.
Garnishes catered the event (associated with the College at Brockport).
 Jack added to and remodeled this beautiful brick home.
The kitchen is country French and a perfect spot for social gatherings.
 Appetizers were passed and there was a great table filled with fruit and cheese...but my
favorite was the beef slider.  By far! the best I have ever had.
 This is Bill, the man with all the wine.  He told us a story about one of the bottles he brought tonight.  It dated back to '95 and was produced by a family member who was the wine king of California.  Everyone loved it.  Today it sells for $200 a bottle.

 This is Jack.  He is a real wine expert.

 We left around 9:30.  A great evening with good company.
 Time to let the dogs out.
Little Wonder has not be crated since his second day here, so I wanted to make
sure he had an opportunity to get outside.
Night all!

I had this entire post finished and accidentally delated it!
So late now!!!! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

LW could certainly be a model or in movies, he's adorable!

Looks lovely key a fun party.

Unknown said...

Your social life puts mine to shame. LW is so beautiful - I want him!