Sunday, March 31, 2019

An Afternoon With Chris Wilson

It snowed.
It's really muddy.
Rebel must have bumped into something last night as there was blood on his wrap.
Had to take it off, clean him up and start over before he could be turned out.

 I'm not making a boot anymore, so I have to make sure he is protected from the mud.

 He was more than ready to get out with his girls.

 We had a short jam today, as we were all going over to watch the Chris Wilson
concert at 3.  It was part of a winter series called Cabin Fever and was
presented by the Greater Brockport Development Corporation.  (The winter version of Summer Serenades).
My baritone ukulele is showing some wear.

Gary was the host for the Chris Wilson concert and
 the turnout was great.

 I've posted videos of Chris before.  He has an amazing voice and is also
an incredible musician.  He just got back from Nashville, where he recorded a 
new CD and we are so lucky to have him in our community.  He lives up the road from us and has developed a beautiful performance venue in his barn.

There was a reception afterward and he had a chance to speak with many.
Chris  was at Brockport High School while I was still teaching and I have
kept track of him since then....especially once he moved back to town
after performing all around the world.
Maybe we can get him to do a performance in the indoor someday!

 I got home a little before 5 and it was snowing like crazy.
Rebel and the girls were smart enough to hang out in the indoor.
Everything was a set up for dinner before they even knew I was in the barn.
 Fortunately, they come when I call them.
 I had to replace Rebel's muddy outside wrap, but he was nice and clean underneath.

 Little Wonder
 and Phoebe were not too excited to be out in the snow.
 Dinner was an instant replay.
It's a good thing we like leftovers.
Night all.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

62 Today....Snow Tomorrow

Well, last night I started to back off the heavy wrapping on
Rebel's foot so more air could get at it.  No more boot, just
protection from the bedding and I think it is speeding up the healing process.
 It was sprinkling when the horses finished their grain, so Karen put Angel and Maggie in the indoor with some hay.  Rebel and Berlin were smart enough to stay under the shed roof.  

 I had a 10am meeting and turned them all out before leaving.

 As soon as I got back to the farm I stripped off their sheets for the duration.

 It was windy and a little spritzy, but just fine.

First Berlin looked for a place to roll  
then Rebel found her spot and did the same.

Angel is Miss photogenic!

 I had evening chore duty and was very happy that the barn 
temperature was 55 degrees.
 For some reason, none of the horses were filthy!

Maybe just a little......
 (Still windy)
 Sloppy Joes for dinner.  One of our regular favorites.
Night all.