Thursday, January 31, 2019

Morning Chores - 3 Hours...-14 Degrees

Once again, the sun made all the difference...
until the wind kicked up a little before noon.

 Rebel and the girls were out until noon and then the wind kicked down the temperature and it got very blustery.
 Phoebe and Little Wonder had several very short breaks outside today.
No going to the barn to help with chores.


 By late afternoon the solar coming in from the West windows warmed things up.
Even if it was just in my mind.

 I made dinner and did not eat until I got home from a meeting.
Gary indulged at the regular time while everything was nice and hot.
Night all.

They extended our red alert warning from 6pm tonight to 7am tomorrow.
Just what we needed.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Tough Cookies....

What a day!

 My plan was to let the dogs out for just a few minutes and put them back in the house.
Phoebe was ok with it, but Wonder refused as we had not finished chores and
he knew it.  So he did go out with me but I was able to get him to go in early.
 It was not too bad in the front paddock so Rebel and the girls were able to have 
breakfast there.  I also put hay nets under the shed roof.

 It was getting colder and colder as the morning went on, so at 11
I went out to put them in their stalls.
 They were not interested....
 and decided to go on the hill behind the barn.
 It took me awhile to finally catch Angel and she let me lead her in to her stall.

 The rest finally followed me into the barn so I could go back in the house,
where I got ready for a jam at 1 (She Sings).  The weather was so crazy, 
Nancy did not make it.
 Doug and Lori arrived and we had a good practice.
 By the time we finished it was too late to make a big dinner,
so I mixed up some eggs, onions, ham and roasted red peppers.
Just before serving, I topped it with cheddar cheese.
 How's this for a farm dinner?

 Right now it is howling and at least -25 degrees.
One minute potty breaks are in order.
 Night all.
At least 24 more hours to go before the temperature takes a turn.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Are We Ready?

I'm not looking forward to the Arctic Blast that is on the way.

 Only two for class....

 The afternoon was spent lounging
 in front of the fire.

Leftovers for dinner

 and more resting.

 (how about the shiny coat?)
Night All.
Aren't we boring today?