Wednesday, January 16, 2019

She Sings...

 The three of us sing...

 and time flies.
Today we started working on this song and it was recorded with my little
point and shoot so the quality of the sound is not balanced at all.
We were trying to figure out the harmony.
 I got back to the farm around 4:30 and Gary was getting ready to go to a board 
meeting.  He will have dinner there.

 I decided not to have soup and looked around to see what I could make that was easy.
First I sautéed two pieces of bacon (cut into small pieces), added onion and finally
one chopped tomato.  (removed some of the bacon grease).
 Threw on some spags
 and Romano cheese.
 Put together a quick salad....
 and voila!
So good.
Night all.

Ed has been working hard on our farm table.

1 comment:

Nancy J said...

Lovely wood for the table, and sturdy legs, this will be a winner. Still a heap of snow.