Thursday, January 17, 2019

Six Degrees This Morning

 and Little Wonder went out to the barn with me
 wearing their red coats.
 It was too cold and they were back in the house
 within 10 minutes.
 Once again, the light in the kitchen was beautiful.

 I fed the ponies, cleaned the stalls and set up hay nets in the indoor and
more hay in the front paddock.
 Hoped they would figure it out and go in there part of the day.

 When everything was finished I let the dogs out for about two minutes.

 I was not very productive,  just went to the bank and
put gas in my car before the bad weather arrives.

 Our local weatherman says a red alert is going out Saturday night as
we are going to get a LOT of snow and very high winds putting the temperature
15-20 degrees below zero.  I hope they are making a mistake.  On Saturday
morning Karen and I are putting stable blankets under the horse's Rambos
and they will be given extra hay.  I expect they will be spending most of the weekend inside.  They can get some exercise in the indoor.

Tonight we got together with Ron, Ann, Brenda and Al for one of our
monthly dinners.  Always a nice, relaxing time with outrageous conversation.

 This is Al's latest carving.
 I don't remember seeing this one before either.
Such a talented carver (and painter).
 As per usual, our meal was delicious.

Home before 10.
Night all.


Thinking about Jenny, Finn and Coop tonight
as they lost their 14 year old dog Ice.
Thank you Scott, for being there.


Nancy J said...

Jenny, Finn, Coop and Scott, I hope memories will comfort you all, to lose, means you have truly loved. XX to you all.Lori,I see we have been friends on Facebook for 5 years, where did they start and go? Hope that drastic weather is not as bad as predicted. Stock up, wrap up an stoke up.

Grey Horse Matters said...

So sorry to hear about Ice. It's hard to lose a loved member of the family. Happy memories will help them get through the grief and sadness.

We're heading for more snow this weekend too and minus zero temps. I hope they're wrong too.

Val Ewing said...

Oh...stay safe in the upcoming storm. I opened the gates to let the mules down deep into the woods and put out extra hay. We are supposed to have gobs of snow and blowing and drifting along with the cold. I did all my errands early this morning and can now enjoy the snowfall.