Thursday, January 3, 2019

An Afternoon Vacation....

 No snow.  No wind.  No rain.

 After chores I got cleaned up, ran a few errands and met some
friends to play bridge.  It's always nice to do this once in awhile.
Our hostess, Diane F., put out an unbelievable spread and in between
hands we had some good laughs.
 I picked up some potato salad on the way home, made a tomato salad
and served the leftover chicken for our dinner.  Quick, easy and delicious.
 Now the second stem of the amaryllis is starting to burst.

 This is going to be a nice quiet evening.
I could not fall asleep last night and my lids are heavy.

Night all.

The Greater Brockport Development Corporation 
wants to encourage all who have "cabin fever" 
to start attending their winter series of free concerts.
(Gary has been working on Summer Serenades for years
and this is something new for our community)
Chris Wilson will be the first featured performer on January 20th.
3pm at St. Lukes on the corner of Main and State.
If you live in this area, you know that Chris is a very
talented singer/songwriter who has performed all around
the world and now has his own venue (The Barn) which is just
down the road from our farm.  I am very happy to say
that I am one of his followers and love his style.
If you are in the area, please join us!

Summer Serenades 2018


Michelle said...

Looks like a wonderful day on your farm. Nice to see that a free concert series is being offered. The perfect way to chase away some cabin fever.

Nancy J said...

3 p.m. the perfect time in my eyes, to have a concert, specially when the sun goes down early.I hope that this is well attended.