Monday, January 7, 2019

Lunch and Bridge

Are you experiencing weird weather?
There are storm warnings in nearby counties and the wind has been
ripping through the farm while the temperatures go up and down.
 At dawn the sky was red.

 But then look what happened....
 back to grey for the rest of the day.

 Lorna, Hanny and Bobby arrived at noon for lunch and bridge.
Reubens were on the menu.

 I used the panini maker to grill them and they were delicious!
Served with red cabbage, kosher dills and chips.
 Lorna and I were partners and we were on a roll
until the last couple of hands.
 I did not feel like making dessert, so peaches and cream sufficed.
 After that, I was dealt the worst hand of the day.
 Even tho I got one more good one, we could not make a comeback.
 We finished up around 4:15 and I have been chilling since then.
I had made Gary a Reuben for lunch, which he had for dinner as
he and our friend Ed went out for breakfast at noon.  My dinner was a fried egg
sandwich with a glass of milk.

Night all.

Here is what's happening with the amaryllis plant today.

It is still standing.

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Val Ewing said...

The sky was odd this morning but it was wicked weather yesterday. Hard rains combined with sudden warm temps created an eerie landscape of mist and low laying fog that moved ...