Thursday, January 31, 2019

Morning Chores - 3 Hours...-14 Degrees

Once again, the sun made all the difference...
until the wind kicked up a little before noon.

 Rebel and the girls were out until noon and then the wind kicked down the temperature and it got very blustery.
 Phoebe and Little Wonder had several very short breaks outside today.
No going to the barn to help with chores.


 By late afternoon the solar coming in from the West windows warmed things up.
Even if it was just in my mind.

 I made dinner and did not eat until I got home from a meeting.
Gary indulged at the regular time while everything was nice and hot.
Night all.

They extended our red alert warning from 6pm tonight to 7am tomorrow.
Just what we needed.


Nancy J said...

Keep warm, those temperatures are just way too low for any comfort at all.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Love the photos! We had bright sun yesterday as well. I was out running errands, and it felt so good! But the heat from the van fooled me into thinking it was warmer than the high teens. Snow today. Enjoy your day, whatever it brings!