Sunday, January 6, 2019

Another Sunday Jam...

 Chores as usual.
 Rebel and the girls are still nibbling on what's left of the grass.

 The front paddock is the same old muddy disaster.
However!  I'm enjoying the lack of snow.

 There were 8 of us at the Sunday Jam today.

The Breadman, Chet Fery, stopped by and dropped off a loaf
of bread for each of us!  A very nice surprise.
 By the time I left, the wind was crazy and the sun was gorgeous.
 I had to stop at Wegmans for a few things as I am doing lunch and
bridge here tomorrow.  Reubens.....
 The Sweeting Property was looking prime.

 Home Sweet Home in time to get ready for evening chores.
The ponies were waiting for dinner. 
 There was some spitty snow swirling around and we should drop to the teens tonight.
 I forgot to take pictures at dinner.  Here's Gary's chicken
soup after he ate half of it....
Night all.

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