Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Last Night Was VERY Windy...

The warnings that were on TV yesterday were pretty accurate.
Last night the winds came roaring through and I could not fall asleep.
The temperature went up to the low 50s by midnight and by
this morning we settled in the low 30s.  We have a lot of mud, no snow
and the wind dried out the lawn and pastures.  No damage here.

This is how the amaryllis looked this morning.
The blossoms are huge.
 Gary helped with with chores and threw down some hay from the loft.
 Isn't the front paddock lovely?

 Little Wonder and Phoebe had filthy feet and muddy tummies.
They needed to be toweled off before they could come in the house.
It was a good afternoon for a fire.
I spent some time looking at the manuals for my new car, as many things are different.
Yesterday I did not even know how to open the gas cap cover!
The pups were perfectly happy snoozing.

 Gary, Jen, Scott, Finn and Coop went out to Hamlin Beach for a hike.
A new tradition.

I went to Wegmans and brought home groceries and a roasted chicken.
Made some coleslaw and that was that.
A nice quiet welcome to 2019.
Night all.

Happy New Year friends! Keep thinking community, sharing, caring and taking care of this planet. Good health and happiness to all of you.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It was really windy here too but warm in the 50's. The amaryllis is beautiful. The hike looks like fun but they're all bundled up so it looks cold. Have a wonderful New Year!

Nancy J said...

It looked like the hike was a chilly start to the year.Mud and slush, hope it dries out soon.Still very hot down here.