Saturday, January 12, 2019

For a Change

So... I put the red coats on Little Wonder and Phoebe before going out to the barn.
Gave the ponies breakfast, set up the hay in the paddock, let the horses out and wanted to start taking photos.  No camera!  I looked all over the place and could not find it.  After the stalls were finished, we went back to the house and there it
was, on the table by the door.  At least I did not lose it.
Then, I had to go back by the paddock so I could take my daily dose of pictures.

 The frozen ruts are just terrible.

 For some reason, my brain told me it was time to go down to Hartwell
to see old friends and do some African drumming.
So I did.
 I've only drummed a handful of times in the last three years and really miss it.
 Marcia brought along her 7 year old niece,  who brought along
her own djembe and a violin (which she started playing 5 months ago).
 When we took a break, she played several songs for us.
What a sweet child!
On the way home I went to Country Max for grain and then
Runnings for bedding.

Gary had a nice fire going
and was outside preparing more fence boards for the table Ed is making for us.
I made a salad with oranges, bananas, dried cranberries, crumbly blue
and homemade croutons.
 The rest was easy.  Leftover chili on a bed of rice.
Loved the blending of flavors.
 As I am preparing this post, Sidney is back in my ukulele case.
 Not budging.

 Night all.

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  1. Looks very slushy, mushy and cold!! What a wonderful young girl to be playing at that age, well done. Keep on with the drums too.


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