Friday, January 18, 2019

A New Farm Table...

It was actually 30 degrees when the pups and I went out to the barn this morning.
No red coats and I did not even wear my gloves when cleaning the stalls.

 After chores I joined hundreds of others who went to Wegmans to stock up
on a few supplies in case the weather really gets bad.  Bread, milk, eggs, cat know the drill.
 Also stopped at Runnings for more shavings and hay cubes.  We should be all set.
When I got back to the farm it was time for a nice fire.

 Mid afternoon we got a call from Ed Chapman who said we could pick up 
the farm table he made for us.  He put it together in one short week!
It was made from fences boards that we have taken down over the last 
couple of years.  They were 37 years old and had never been oiled or painted.
They were dry as a bone, full of knots, nail holes and some were warped.
Gary made several trips with more boards to make sure he had enough
good ones to finish the job.

I had quickly drawn a design, just to get a feel for the proportions and told Ed I would trust his judgement on the design.  What did he do?  Made it exactly like my drawing.

The table is so heavy we needed Scott's help to get it into the house.

Tomorrow Gary will oil it and then we will figure out what we are doing next.
Originally I wanted a grey washed out stain, but the oak is so beautiful I don't want to cover it.  

Jenny and Scott stayed for dinner.
Potato Leek soup
 and a salad.
 Seymour has the right idea.
 Night all.
Let's see what tomorrow brings in the weather department.


The Dancing Donkey said...

That is a wonderful table and a great way to use old lumber.

Nancy J said...

The Oak table, beautiful, oil and leave to be natural and on view every day. Stay safe as that bad!!!weather travels closer.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Gorgeous! Does it replace the top of your old table or did he make matching legs as well?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful table! A great way to recycle wood. There isn't much real wood furniture anymore. Everything is made of bamboo or eucalyptus or plastic. Real wood is so more interesting with grain patterns. It's going to look beautiful whether you oil it an leave it natural or decide on stain. Enjoy your dinner parties on your new table!