Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Special Day For Jamie Romeo

A foggy morning with moderate temperatures throughout the day.

 After chores, Karen rode both of her horses.

After chores I took a quick shower and went down to Jenny's so we could drive 
in to Irondequoit for the swearing in ceremony for Jamie Romeo, newly elected State Assemblywoman.

 I've been talking about Jamie for years, as she was greatly responsible for getting
Mary and me elected to the Town Board.
 At that time she was the leader of the Monroe County Democratic Committee.
 The Welcome and Remarks were made by Assemblymember Harry Bronson.
Jenny is his Chief of Staff and was assigned picture taking duty.
 The room was packed with elected officials, family members and friends,
standing room only.  I was honored to be recognized.

 This is Alan, he has worked for Harry for many years
and I really enjoy conversing with him as he loves
giving me the business about politics in Sweden.

 Jamie's Son led the Pledge of Allegiance and she was sworn into office by her Father.
Her Grandfather was also part of the ceremony.

 Senator Schumer sent a Staff Member to read his remarks.

 Jamie is going to be a very strong, informed and dedicated Assemblywoman!

We were home by 12:30.
The amaryllis blossoms are getting so huge I'm afraid they are going to
pull out of the pot!

 They change as the day goes on.
 I took it easy this afternoon and had chore duty before dinner.
The Rebel was a muddy mess.
 So was the front paddock.
I'm glad they spend most of their time in the pastures,
which are in much better shape. guessed it.

 Tonight I had to put a piece of tape around this plant to keep it upright!

Night all.

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Nancy J said...

A family that would be so proud. yours as well. We have one amaryllis almost finished, and two starting,your pink one is glorious.