Sunday, January 27, 2019

Wild Winds....

I never would have known that I had forgotten to post yesterday if it was not for my friend Pam K.  She follows my Journal and when I saw her today at the Vet's 
Club she wondered if everything was ok since nothing was there yesterday!
In almost 12 years I had only missed one entry when I was in the hospital and yesterday I really thought I had done it.  Instead, everything went on FB.
So here I am for the second time today.
(yesterday's post is under this one)

The temperature was in the 20s this morning, but the wind was wild.
Fortunately the sun came out before I finished chores.

 At 10:30 we had a hay delivery and while I was pulling two bales on a sled, didn't one of the horses run into me.  I caught myself and kept from falling down, but really pulled something in the back of my right leg.  Just what this old body needed.
From my butt down the back of my thigh.
I iced it, took a hot shower, and after this I plan to sit on my heating pad.

 The Lions Club held an event at the Vet's Club today.
They were trying to stuff a trailer filled with all kinds of things for our local 
Food Shelf and our Jam group was asked to play.  Instead of going to the 
Gallery, we went there and had a great time.

 We sang for chili!

 I got home around 4:30 and had just enough time to warm up the beet pulp and get Berlin's hay cubes soaked before going out to do evening chores.

 Gary volunteered to go down to Ralph and Rosie's to pick up some pizza
(sweet sauce) and I made a quick salad.
No cooking tonight.
Now, it's about that heating pad.
Night all.

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

A full, but cold day! I hope your leg/back feel better - take care of yourself!