Monday, January 14, 2019


I definately need more sunshine.
The kind that lasts all day long.

 At 10am I arrived at the Farmer's Museum for the first meeting of 2019.
In my barn ensemble, as there was not enough time after chores to take a shower.

I made a quick stop at Wegmans and then back to the farm for a shower before my
1pm meeting at the Community Center with the Sweden Senior Association.
On January 26th we are having a Soup Bowl...last year it was the Souper Bowl.
Nearly a dozen local restaurants donated big pots of soup and ticket holders could taste them all.  I was a server and will do the same this year.
Apples and water are also part of the deal.
Last year we sold out...120 tickets.
This year they are going fast as people loved the event.
A couple of the quilters were there and showed me two of their
recent blankets.....with horses on them.
I think my friend Helen (from Scotland) needs to get one for her sister.

 From there I went to the bank and also stopped to get a new camera.
Mine is worn out and keeps putting black spots in my photos.
It was very nice to see the sun.

 We even had a beautiful sunset.

 I got home so late.....did not want to make dinner.
we grabbed our gift certificate from Randy and drove over to Grampa Sams.

 We're not hungry anymore!
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

I have always thought I would so like to live where there is snow in the winter, but after seeing it for weeks on end at your home, have somewhat altered my views. Specially with animals, doggies, cats and more.At least where we live, it might be another 40 years or more before it falls here again!!!