Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Out to the barn this morning doing the same old same old.
Left for Brockport around 10:15 and stopped at Country Max for some shavings before attending a meeting at Mary Pat's house.  9 local artists are going to have a tent at the Peddler's Market, which is held each year at the Morgan Manning House (historical society).  This year it is going to take place on September 10th from 10-3.

 MP always serves nice refreshments.
 and her gardens are beautiful.

 We will have pottery, woven rag mats, fine silver jewelery, decorative painting, knitted purses and clay bead necklaces, wood carvings (Wild Fowl in Wood), watercolor paintings, and note cards by Jean (class) and me.

I was the designated sign maker and hate doing brush lettering.  Started it tonight and will jazz it up tomorrow.  It will need some serious help!
Attempted to take a nap this afternoon, but never fell asleep.  (Taking antibiotics so I'm eating yogurt and drinking cranberry know what that means).

 Still had to do chores.....

 The only kitty around was Lily, and Seymour of course.  Haven't seen Sidney since yesterday.
Didn't make dinner...whatever, whatever....
 Magnificent clouds tonight
 A whole lot of paintin' was going on today.  By tomorrow afternoon, there should just be trim work left.  And Gary said that it will take a long time....  Now I have to attack the garden in front of the house.

Lily was checking us out from the window in the grooming/tack room (home base for Jill' cats) when I went out to tuck in the ponies.  It sure is getting dark earlier.
Night all.  Let's hope it doesn't rain....hay tomorrow.


A big "hello" to Peggy from Chasing Freedom Farm (Ontario, Canada)  
She says that "she lives a very simple life on a hobby farm with her husband, three kids and an assortment of animals."  Check out her latest addition!  Thank you for following my journal Peggy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 Abbe was gimpy this morning so I soaked her foot and put on some Sore no More and wrapped her.  She was very curious about Lily.
 Masterpiece volunteered to come in and waited for her.
 Before I knew it, it was time for class.
 Jean was putting together a book of all her cards.

 Tina and Judy continued to work on their drawings.
At noon they went into the garden to pick some veggies.  Sidney followed us around.
 By tonight, the back of the house was all grey....lookin' good.
 How about that red pepper?
 Had to go down to my Doctor's office to get a perscription...on the way home the bridge went up to let a boat pass by.
 Of course I had to check out the fish before I left the office.

 Evening chores.....
 Picked up the house, and at 7pm we had our first drumming session at the farm.  Stan came out to get us back on track.  It felt good.
I really need some rest.
Night all.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I have been working on this post for over 3 hours!  The card from my camera would not allow the pictures to go on Iphoto until I deleted three short videos!  I emptied the cache, the trash....dumped photos....finally it worked.  
This morning was gorgeous...barely 50 degrees.  I was very happy to get back in my groove.

 While I was down at Weggies, Kevin dropped the boys off for the day.  Got back just in time to make them lunch.
 Gary and Woody worked on the South side of the house...they are over half done (and still have to do the trim).
 Made a quick trip down to the bank....the crab apple tree out front was positively loaded!
 Quickly let Jen's dogs out and hurried back home to meet with two friends who were working on the barn tour....Scott and Christine.  All the buildings were checked out and Scott was using words I have never heard, as he carefully investigated the construction and described what he saw.  2 of our barns are over 100 years old....beautiful inside and out.
 During the barn tour, we are going to have people walk up the ramp to get to the 2nd floor.
 While we were up there, Coop and Finn had a ball playing in the hay.

 We have lived at the farm for almost 30 years and this rope was hanging there when we arrived.  The kids like to swing on it.
 Jill had chore duty and Newbie loves to spend time with her.

 Worked on dinner, half of which I gave Jen when she picked up the boys.  Also invited Jill to join us.
 crusty bread...
 Eggplant parm....
 and a side of white pasta.  Yep, it was yummy.
 Tucked the ponies in....
and went nuts trying to get this done.
Night all.