Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm

Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm
“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Sunday, August 21, 2011


 It was raining this and on.
 Gary actually helped me with a couple of the stalls!  I was shocked.
 Phoebe and Gucci did what they could to get their feet dirty.

 Newbie was watching from behind the queens chair...

I went down to Wegmans to pick up a few things and Jen pulled in at the same time.  It is truly the "hub" in Brockport.  We ran into many people we knew, and our conversations covered a lot of territory.  Of course Jen was in a nice dress and I was still in my barn clothes.  She just puts up with me and never says a thing.

Got home and started making another batch of sauce.  A perfect day for it.
 Then I started on some cold cucumber soup...the same soup that Amy served us when we went to her house for lunch.  She followed the recipe and I free lanced a little.  Don't know if I can save it.  The red onion it called for was very strong and it dominates...should have tuned in when I was mincing it.  Cucumbers, scallions, red onion, Greek Yogurt, half and half, salt, pepper and dill (ends up in the food processor but not long enough to get rid of the chunks of cucumber that were chopped).  Before you serve it, you add a ton of fresh squeezed lemon juice.  We shall see.  I hate following recipes...that's why I'm not a baker (chemist).  I'll show it to you tomorrow when we do a taste test.
 Gary had duty at the Welcome Center and I was totally unproductive.  Took the newspaper into our bedroom and attempted to read it.

A little after 5 I went out to do evening chores.  Still raining off and on.
 I have not seen Sophie for days, but Lily was in her cozy bed.
 Newbie was up on the 2nd floor of Gary's barn.  I think Sophie hides there too and just comes out at night.  They are eating the food in the tack room....
 Once again, Masterpiece chose to stay inside while the rest of the crew went to the pasture.

 Here's that yucca plant I photographed all through the winter.  It's looking pretty healthy.

Every day I have been pecking away at the pergola garden....I've cut back or mown all of the day lilies and the snow on the mountain.

Dark skies...more water on the way.
Have to go put the ponies in pretty soon.
Night all.


  1. I love rainy days too--Those are days that I feel a little more creative and feel like cooking--And if not, there is always Wegmans, isn't there?? :-)

  2. Beautiful rainy days, just made to curl up with a good read and get in some down time. Sounds like you made a very enjoyable day of it.

  3. Maybe I should try some cucumber soup. A guy can only store so many jars of pickles! :)

    I'm not lovin' rainy days. It's all we've had this year, but I hear Tuesday it is supposed to quit for the rest of the week so I'll have to push to get my Fall chores done. We shall see.

  4. that sauce looks delish!
    & those skies, so pretty.

  5. I love visiting your farm, not matter what the weather, Lori. Wegmans sounds like a good spot to bump into friends (We have a similar place in my home town back in South Africa). I love the soup recipe. And of course the cats! Have a great day. Blessings, Jo

  6. We had a good rainy day yesterday...very nice!

    The sauce looks wonderful.

  7. Rainy days can be nice - there is something so peaceful about the sound of rain steadily coming down (as long as it hasn't been doing it for days!)

    Every time you mention Wegmans I think about the Wegmans warehouse fire - I could see the smoke from it from our house and people who lived nearby commented that cans were popping and launching scalding items into nearby neighborhoods.
    I found some pictures online at:,%20Rochester,%20New%20York,%20Wegman's%20Fire%20on%20Gould%20St.%2016%20May%201961,%20%20Engine%2015%20Monroe%20Ave%20and%20Wilcox%20St%20and%20Main%20St%20parade%201962/index.html

  8. A nice fresh day.
    Here it's very hot, up to 100°F at midday. But it won't last long. The rain is announced for the end of the week. There are many horseflies too and so we must pay attention when we go out. At midday, two horseflies had succeeded in entering the dining room though the doors were closed. So I have bought some cream to put on the skin.
    See you soon

  9. Hope you had some crusty bread to go with that fantastic sauce!

  10. We may only have one puny daylily, but we have thousands of yuccas!

  11. I love the pergola garden and the skoog shop..


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