Tuesday, January 31, 2023

We Are On The Downswing...

By Thursday it's going to be so nasty here.  Below zero does not excite me.

Night all.


Monday, January 30, 2023

The Chili Community Center

Grey and just below freezing, but a much busier day.

It started snowing by the time we finished chores.

I took a quick shower and got everything ready for our gig at the Chili Community Center.
We were there by 11:00am.

My camera was hanging from my uke stand so everything looks weird.

We sure have accumulated a lot of equipment.
Warmed up for about an hour, then I took a quick tour.  What a beautiful facility!

The local library has been incorporated into the building.

There is a track above the huge gym and many people were walking.

The acoustics in this space were great and the audience was very appreciative.  A good experience and we are booked for two more gigs.  Home around three and took it easy by the fire.
It started snowing again when I went out for evening chores.

Got the boys tucked in and am ready to get back out to the fire.
Night all.