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Friday, January 27, 2023

Tomato Soup with Chorizo, Tortellini and Spinach

We had five minutes of sunshine this morning!  That's a start.

Seamus always starts his day at the water trough.
There was just enough snow so we did a little shoveling....then Cooper arrived mid day and finished things up.

At 10:30 a tech from Spectrum arrived to help install a new modem and get things squared away.  A couple of days ago we got our new bill and they raised it by about $10.  We have a land line, internet and cable tv (something called lifestyles....125 channels....that's a joke).  I wanted to reduce our bill and we decided to go for the 15 channel package.  We don't even watch 10.  Anyway....everything is set up and our bill has been lowered by at least $27.  We were given a new modem, faster speed and a new remote for less money.  Go figure.  Gary even got two ESPN channels that were not part of our other package.  More sports.....
When that was done I started working on a new soup.  First I sautéed a huge onion and two links of Chorizo sausage.
Then, I turned that off and took a quick trip out to the pasture to make sure Rebel and Ronin did not get the blanket off Seamus.

Everything was fine.  They must not like the hot sauce.

Meanwhile back at the stove....  I chopped up a few banana peppers, added some stock, a bag of our frozen sauce and 1 big can of diced tomatoes.  Let that perk for awhile, and finished by adding the spinach and tortellini....and some Romano cheese.

Out to the barn for evening chores....

(it's icy, so I walk out to the paddock with my ski poles).
then it was time to eat.  Absolutely delicious!!!!
Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

If you can get some YakTraks to put on your boots when you go out too. They really grip well on the ice. I use mine a lot.