Saturday, June 30, 2012


 I keep taking pictures after putting up my post.  These are from last night when the sky was
too beautiful to ignore.

 The girls were waiting for me this morning.  Today I went out first.
They seem to really like this 24/7 access to the barn.

 There was quite a nice breeze all day, and the humidity was not so bad.

 Once again, my massage therapist came to the house and it really helped with the flexion in my leg.

As soon as she left Gary, Ariana and I were off to pick up Daniela.
 This was her last day of soccer camp.  It was held in a huge dome and she had a great time.

From there, the four of us went over to the town park to catch the end 
of Finn and Coop's baseball game.

 Finn had two grand slams and Coop sure had a good season.  This was their last game and they
have come a long way from last year.

Relaxed at home this afternoon and went out to do chores around 5:30.
 Gary has started to hang the garlic for drying.

 Down to the Golden Eagle for dinner (all the kids are at Jenny's).
As soon as we got back to the farm Gary continued to pull out the rest of the garlic.
Now it is very quiet and I am going to hit the couch.
Night all.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Started off the morning with a little music.

Daniela was off to soccer camp and the rest of the crew was at Jenny's under
the supervision of Bimpa (that is their made up name for Kevin).

 Gary and I went out to do chores...he did most of the work.
The humidity was pretty high.
 At 9:45 Sally picked me up and drove me to Agape for PT.
It was like driving Miss Daisy for the second time this week.
Much appreciated.
Today was crank day and I think my knee is starting to loosen up a little.
 When we got back to the house, I served Sally some strawberry shortcake...
a dessert first lunch.  The least I could do.

 Helen brought these beautiful flowers yesterday.

 At 1:30 Gary drove me in to Rochester to have the stitches removed from my head.
We there for all of 7 minutes and everything is fine.

 On the way home we stopped in the village so Gary could pick 
up the Buffalo paper.  Ran into John Dunn.
 Also checked out Country Treasures.
 Back home after 3 and hit the couch along with Lily.
 Had leftovers for dinner and went out to do chores.
 This years garlic is outstanding.
 Of course Abbe left her mask way out in the pasture.
 Once again Gary did most of the work.  So hot!

I'm now in cruise control.
Night all.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


 Helped Gary with chores.

 He went down to Java and picked up Ariana at Jenny's.  Daniela was off to a 3 hour soccer camp.
 Ariana made brownies.
 We did a little cast signing.
 Gary picked up our friend Helen out at Glen Darach Farm and she came to spend the day with us.
 We played a little Sequence....
 She read out in the swing.

 We made strawberry shortcake.

 Ariana started reading her book by local author Carolyn Mackler.
 Jen dropped off Finn, Coop and Daniela on her way to a stock club dinner.

 Familiar looking?
 Finn entertained us with many stories.

 After dinner, Grampa and Coop started digging up garlic.

 Helen is going to have a beautiful jacket to wear when she goes back to Scotland!
Thanks to one of my good pals.
 Andrea arrived just before dark to pick her up.
 One of our neighbors and long time school friend of Jenny's stopped over.
So good to see Darrin.  He looks great.
 Everyone left and I was ready to crash.
What a great time we had with Helen.
Night all.