Saturday, June 30, 2012


 I keep taking pictures after putting up my post.  These are from last night when the sky was
too beautiful to ignore.

 The girls were waiting for me this morning.  Today I went out first.
They seem to really like this 24/7 access to the barn.

 There was quite a nice breeze all day, and the humidity was not so bad.

 Once again, my massage therapist came to the house and it really helped with the flexion in my leg.

As soon as she left Gary, Ariana and I were off to pick up Daniela.
 This was her last day of soccer camp.  It was held in a huge dome and she had a great time.

From there, the four of us went over to the town park to catch the end 
of Finn and Coop's baseball game.

 Finn had two grand slams and Coop sure had a good season.  This was their last game and they
have come a long way from last year.

Relaxed at home this afternoon and went out to do chores around 5:30.
 Gary has started to hang the garlic for drying.

 Down to the Golden Eagle for dinner (all the kids are at Jenny's).
As soon as we got back to the farm Gary continued to pull out the rest of the garlic.
Now it is very quiet and I am going to hit the couch.
Night all.

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  1. Brett is taking the SUV to pick up the grand kids. I'm sure we'll figure out some way to get her where she needs to go. It might involve me driving his precious truck. Heh heh. That would give him a heart attack for sure.


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