Friday, May 31, 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019

So Long Carl...

 Gar checked in before going to work at Sara's.

Look at these bags of shavings.
The one on the left costs $5.25 and the one on the right in $5.99 and weighs much less.
I'm going to have to contact Tractor Supply with a complaint.

 I mowed 3 sections of the pastures today so I could get rid of the buttercups.
They look much better now.   Still have a lot to do.

 Before lunch the pups and I drove down to the Town Park to see what kind of progress was made on the Splash Pad.
 It should be ready in about a week when we hold the grand opening.

 Now the iris are coming on strong.

 After having a quick cup of soup and a PB&J sandwich for dinner,  I drove down to the library
 for a farewell party being held for Carl G.
 He was a sensational Director here and has now taken a job at the Fairport Library.
What a loss!  He was the ideal.
 The turnout was excellent because so many people loved him!

Back home after a stop at Wegmans.
Night all.


Had to share this photo of Jenny and Coop at his last concert for the year.
He is so grown up, and looks like Gary when he was a kid.