Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Nice Quiet New Year's Eve....

Brilliant sun this morning.
 Apparently Little Wonder and Berlin are very comfortable around each other!

 After chores I took a shower and decided to
(Little Wonder took some time out to play soccer)

 take a ride out to Glen Darach Farm to deliver some pickled beets and a loaf of Challah bread to 
my friend Andrea.  The farrier was there, so I got to see several old friends who were having their horses trimmed.
 The pups joined me.

 When we got back to the farm I put myself in front of the fire and started a new book.
Yesterday I read another one from beginning to end and now I am on a roll.
In the middle of the afternoon we got a call from Roger to see if we wanted to come over for an early dinner.  Karen agreed to do chores and off we went.

 Ham, scalloped potatoes, waldorf salad and carrot cake....
preceded by deviled eggs and shrimp cocktail.
 It sure got me off the hook and everything was delicious.
Flexibility is good!  Thanks for the invitation.
 These last shots are for our pal Al Cretney.
 You have met him several times as we have a monthly dinner together with
him, Brenda, Anne and Ron.
 Roger and Tina have a huge collection of his carvings.
 He is so talented!

I wonder what they are doing tonight.
 We were back home by 6 and now it's time to get back in our cozy goove.
Night all.
Don't stay up too late!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Still in Slow.........

The morning started with a well lit sky.

After chores I spent a couple of hours filing photos...until I had eye strain,
and have made the decision NOT to save so many.  I have been taking an average of 50-100 shots every single day for the past 10 years!  That does not count the special events where I have taken a couple hundred at a time!  At first I would transfer them to discs, now I have an external hard drive and picasa web albums.  Am I crazy or what?
When I finally got off my computer all I wanted to do was read.  Which I did all afternoon.

 I took out the dogs a couple of times

 and they ran around in the snow.

 Then it was back to slacking off by the fire.

 I did make a real dinner.
Chicken with caramelized onions and carrots, peas, baked potatoes and coleslaw.
Tasted great.
Night all.
Have to get back to my book.