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Friday, December 2, 2016

A Marathon Afternoon....

Such a gorgeous sunrise!

 The temperature was in the high 30s with a very brisk wind...

so I brushed all the girls and put their blankets back on.

After lunch I got cleaned up and drove to Brockport for the first of 3 events.
Stop 1 - The Morgan Manning House

 This is a long time tradition and I always do a photo shoot there.
See the post below for a broader look at the sale items.

 Stop 2 - Sagawa Park
The Dedication of the Interpretive Panel
"Portraits of our Past"
The Brockport Community Museum Without Walls
has placed many of these panels throughout our community,
as they relate to our history.
Last summer I posted photos of the mural in the picture below.
It was painted by distinguished Rochester area muralist Rick Muto.
 Allan Berry, President of the Brockport Community Museum welcomed us
 and introduced Margay Blackman, Mayor
Lesli Myers, Superintendent, Brockport Central School District
Heidi Macpherson, President, The College at Brockport

 Richard Black, photographer, provided the photo of the mural for the panel.

 I was very pleased to see Jennifer B. J. there with her new baby!
 Such a gorgeous little boy.
 Sunday night there will be a parade and tree lighting ceremony in this park.
 Stop 3 - First Friday at the College.
At the close of the dedication, the president invited us to join her for
 First Friday at the Alumni House.
 It's a town/gown event where people can get together for great food and drinks.

 It was pitch black when I got home at 5:30.
Below is my purchase from the Candlelight Christmas Sale.
 Gary went to a basketball game at the College and I held down the fort.
Night all.

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