Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Melting For now

Up early, showered and did a load of laundry before going out to do chores.

The ponies have continued to eat a lot of hay lately.  Even tho the temperature went up to the high 30s, the wind pulled it down and they were happy to be under the shed roof.

For the past few days Gary has been getting everything in place for his hip replacement surgery and  this morning he had his pre op visit.  Fortunately he was able to make Tuesday lunch with his pals.  When he got back to the farm I went to Wegmans and Country Max to load up on supplies that I will need while Gary is recovering.  I hope we don't get a ton of snow.
I am so fortunate that Janet is here everyday.  Scott will keep us plowed out and Jen, Cooper and Finn will be available as needed.

Once again the most beautiful part of the day was just before sunset.

Jenny and Scott gave us a griddle for our new stove.  This afternoon I went through the seasoning process and tried it out.  Have a lot to learn, but the French toast tasted great.

Night all.


Monday, February 27, 2023

Here We Go Again...

A chilly start and now it's snowing like crazy.

Fortunately, the sun was out for awhile.

At 1:30 Linda B. came over so we could spend some time playing my ukes and her guitar.  She is a very fine musician and is trying to teach me some things that will help with the bass.
At 4 I went out to the indoor to get some shots and videos of Janet and Ronin.  The saddle fitter that was here has certainly made her horse more comfortable....took a lot of flocking out on the right front.  Quite an improvement!

I put Rebel and Seamus in while I took the photos as Rebel had blood dripping down his face.  Who knows what he did?

About the time I finished chores it started snowing.  Can you see the ice hanging off the shed roof (metal)?  When it started melting yesterday, that's where it ended up before the temperature dropped.

Dinner?  BBQued boneless ribs with carrots and onions

 yams and fried apples (and onions).  A perfect combo and so good.
Tonight it is going to be all about the fire.
Night all.


Sunday, February 26, 2023

On The Upswing

Sunshine changes my entire attitude.

Usually after morning chores I checkout anything new on my computer.  Today, I got lost looking for music for our band and ended up making a playlist (suggestion) for one of our gigs.  We all have different tastes and are trying to bring some new stuff to our suggestions folder.  We have a few songs that are our standards, but I prefer changing things up whenever we go out.  This list is a combination of old and new.  If I could do anything it would be all do wop, but the rest of the band is not into it as much as I am.  Instead, we have over 200 songs that I would have to label as an eclectic combination.
Got any suggestions?
All of the critters and I took it easy this afternoon.  Once the fire was going my eyes closed.
I put together a pasta casserole and made a salad before going out for evening chores.

Look at all of that good light!

Little Wonder was happy not to have his black coat on, but I'm not sure he liked the wind.

So glad I had some leftover sauce.  Even froze some for another meal.

Night all.