Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Another Beauty

I can't believe the impact sunshine has on my brain.  More energized for sure (tho I was not very productive today).  

I stayed up late after the State of the Union address.  Thought the President did a great job bringing us up to speed on all that has been accomplished. The opposition did exactly what I expected.  They sure know how to stand out in a crowd and act disrespectful.  How would anyone with a brain not see the difference?  And Huckabee....she is part of the crazys and they reinforce their lack of knowledge and ability to have a plan to improve the quality of life for the voters.  We have arrived!  Now the Democrats are not just a political party, they are the enemy.  And we all need to have guns....and the billionaires and large corporations should not have to pay their fair share (teachers and firefighters pay more in taxes).  Is that really fair?  Speaking of about limiting what they can teach?  How did we get in this mess and why is it so hard to work together???  Must boil down to $$$$$$$.  Blatent racism and so much more....  People who are elected to office need to have an awareness of what it means to govern for ALL the people.  I could go on and disappointed in our political system.

Night all.

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Sandra said...

The system is designed with the idea people elected to office will be honorable. That is not likely, as we see. We also have sunshine and moderate temperatures. And there is that beautiful house again!