Saturday, February 25, 2023

Brockport 59 - Churchville-Chili 58!

Another cold one.  In the high teens and low 20s all day.

After chores I raked the indoor as Janet was having a consult with a new saddle fitter at 12:30.

By then it was snowing steadily.

I made a pot of sauce this afternoon as we were going to Cooper's first sectional game at 4 and I did not want to start on dinner when we got home.  I set up grain for Rebel and Seamus along with some hot water and Janet was kind enough to do chores for me.  Little Wonder was a little confused as we were not out there very long.

Cooper got in for awhile.

The second half was very exciting and

the team was so happy when they won by a point.
What a game!  They will be playing Greece Athena in the next round.

When we left, the sun was out and the sky was gorgeous.

Jenny joined us for dinner.

Night all.


Sandra said...

Too bad I couldn't join you for dinner! I bet the kids were excited. That was a competitive game.

Anonymous said...

Your indoors is an amazing space for the horses!

I am not sure this will post for me - I remember having trouble before. I will write more if it works.

This is Cecilia by the way