Tuesday, February 7, 2023

50 Degrees

We are back to a very muddy, boot sucking mess, but it sure was nice to be warmer.   The wind brought the temperature down a bit and much of the snow is gone.  How about that sunrise?

Of course the color only lasts for minutes.

Gary had yoga and lunch with his pals. Practiced a couple of songs on my uke.  Trying to get back to playing "Rainbow Connection" Kermit style.
 I held down the fort until 2 when I thought I had an eye appointment was actually for 3 so I went out to my car and took it easy for an hour.  Should have some new readers in a week.  The staff at Oak Orchard is absolutely terrific.
Did not get back to the farm until 4:30.

Tucked in the ponies and

did not have to make anything but a salad for dinner.  Stopped at Perri's with my trusty coupon.  By one huge slice, get one free.  The best deal in town.

Night all.  
Plan to listen to the President tonight and can't imagine how Gov. Huckabee is going to respond.  She and several of her party members having been making fools of themselves for weeks and I suspect there will be more of the same.  That will clearly show how different the two parties are.  Why would anyone with a brain vote for people who want to take away medicare, social security, vet benefits and more while charging a 30% tax on all purchases?  Time for the billionaires and big companies to pony up their share.


Anonymous said...

I agree Lori. Where is the common sense and decency of fellow man anymore. I am equating their appalling behavior to a snake oil salesman full of “listen to me” deception. I don’t see how anyone can be some mean. This President is trying despite constant opposition offering no sensible solutions. And we use our Perri’s coupons too for their delicious slices!!! Kathy

Sandra said...

You get some gorgeous sunrises. I didn't watch last night. I am struggling with depression and have cut most of the politics out of my life. I do not understand the supporters of these vicious politicians. I knew more about the working of government in junior high than the average republican supporter. It's demoralizing. Good looking pizza and salad!