Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today, the light was as good as it gets for picture taking. 
Looks at those clouds....

You had to know something was in the air....

At suppertime, the sky to the southeast got very dark in the distance.
...yet the sun made the barn and fields very bright.

Even tho we only got a little bit of the rain, there were two huge rainbows to the south and east.

Unfortunately, my camera was not capable of showing you how vivid the rainbows appeared to be.

Get comfortable, as I took over 100 pictures today and made 3 posts.  Read on MacDougal.


It rained again last night, so the paddock is still a muddy mess.
At first I had my doubts.....
but when the horses went out, things started to shape up.
I went back to my freshly mown pasture....
it was a little wet, but not too bad.
At least most of the daisies are gone.
Now the horses can get at the grass and clover.
This weed was in the pasture....very photogenic (don't ya think)?
My macro shots for the day.
Got the masks on and went in to finish chores.
At 10:30 my students arrived.
Sandy is developing her drawing of the x-goats from Bedlam Farm.

Mel is starting on his first drawing of a mountain goat.

Tina is pretty much finished with her drawing of Jenny's puppy....Buster Brown.  It looks just like him.

We had a guest today.  Tina brought along her good friend Dorothea, who worked on her watercolor painting of Sunflowers.
After class, everyone went out to the garden and picked a bag of spinach.
This is Dorothea.

After class, I went to the bank and headed over to Helen's house for a meeting of the Art & Aesthetics Committee.  We want to do a little fundraiser.  On September 7th we will have a Twilight Cruise on the Canal....45 people on the Rose Lummis (a boat) going for a two hour cruise/wine tasting/lecture on Canal History in our area.  I had to take a shot of this bird house outside Helen's door.  I've never seen one made of stones before.

Her flowers were luscious.
When I got home, changed my clothes and set up some poles and cones in the ring.
Andrea wants me to work more on specific patterns with Abbe.  Keeping her straight....going where I want her to go....not her taking me where she wants to go.  I had my moments, but we ended up being able to get through both.  Usually if there is a problem....that would be me.
When I was out in the barn doing evening chores, Jenny and the boys came up to get some spinach.
Gary was out in the Studio/Workshop painting a chair for a fundraiser in Chautauqua.  This is his third or fourth year.  I did it once also.
The daises over there are strong and big...not to mention beautiful.
Cooper was keeping Grampa company, reading one of his books.
Finn, on the other hand, wanted to get in on the painting.
Jen was waiting patiently, to take them home for a late dinner.
We went out to the North Garden to see how the corn is growing.
Here is the garlic....
The stakes are now in for the tomato plants (we only have 90).
Finally, the corn.  This was Finn and Coop's idea.  Now we need to get it weeded.
Finn said some of it is up to his knees...even higher.
We have gardens everywhere.  This is where I got the close ups of the daisies.
If you have been here before, you know we have all kinds of ceramic sculptures in our gardens.


Phoebe Bluegrass and Madamoiselle Gucci (Poochie) Lisbet Skoog love to growl and wrestle.