Monday, June 22, 2009


What a pleasure it was to go out to the barn and not have it raining.  The front paddock needs some rays so it will dry does the outdoor area (now only 1/3 of it is flooded).  It was not all that hot when the horses went out to the back pasture....a nice breeze.
Before I finished in the barn, they were all in it or under the shed roof....mosquitos!

Around 10:30 I left the farm...this is a barn a couple miles down from us....a classic setting.

Talk about the ideal sky.
I went to Apple Creek Farm to mow their lawn...could not resist taking some shots of their gardens.  Louise is a master gardner.

The apples in their orchard have doubled in size since last week.
By now the temperature was in the low 70s.
This is the length of their goes on forever.
I'm about to take a right and go into Brockport.
After doing a couple of things around the house, I went out to work with Abbe.  Andrea suggested that I lounge her on a line with a regular bridle, side reins and a surcingle.  All that line driving has been killing my knees.  This was a good change and I think my skills are improving.
I've never been a great lounger....but today was not half bad.
When Abbe was done, she got 20 feet out of the tack room door and rolled...typical.
I had this blanket in my x-trailer over the tack trunk.  Just like the colors.
This old blanket has a real story behind it.  I will get my stuff together and tell you about it tomorrow.  It used to belong to Della, a mule who pulled a wagon from Arkansas to Brockport and went on to Maine.

Do you think I have enough stuff in my tack room?
I could have a store.....
One of these days I am going to have to repaint the walls, as the paint is peeling off.

Remember the leaf casting that was done here last week?  Today they came back to pick up their projects...I was very impressed with the results and have asked Gary to present the project to my art students (if they want to try it).

That's about it.  

When they left, we had a roofer come over and give us an estimate on a new roof for the indoor. Unfortunately our builder had IKO shingles put on, and even tho they had a 25 year guarantee, 16 years later they are shot!  Don't ever buy those shingles.  I want to get a rep to come and look at what has happened, so I went on line only to find that at the end of April 09, a class action suit was filed against them on behalf of a ton of people who have had the same thing happen.  I emailed the Law Firm and will send photos tomorrow.  The estimate for a metal roof ( I will not use shingles again) was close to $18,000!!!!!  I am having heart failure.

Time to go put the ponies in for the night....and yes, the paddock is drying out.  Supposed to be 87 on Wednesday.  Night all.


photogchic said...

Quite a day! I love Abbe mane...I had a pony when I was young...we roached his mane like that because his neck was so thick....I always thought he was the cutest thing. Seeing that photo brought back all kinds of memories of my "Brandy."

Gayle said...

87 sounds like a nice temp to have. We are hit and miss with the sun and warm/clouds and rain although I am in a warmer location in the hills. I seem to get more sun/less rain than town. Abbe looks just lovely all suited up. I bet a lot of the roof price is labor. Too bad you couldn't have an old-fashion raise the roof party. Probably would save a small fortune. Good luck with that.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

That blanket is something right up my alley and I cant wait to hear the story!!! I love things from the past that have a story, I'd have it framed or hung on my wall or somewhere. We are starting on all the old tack from the wagon teams that my farms grandpa and his father before him used...really awesome. I want to hang them in the house..hubby aint really thrilled with this idea but i got a rhyme for my reason!