Friday, June 12, 2009


Did chores....went next door and cut flowers.  Because of the rain they were bending down to the ground.

Company for dinner tonight...need to make the table look beautious.
Jenny and Cooper came up to pick spinach and strawberries.  
Coop needed a snack...his favorite drink is lemonade mixed with a little OJ.

Darrin and Justine both took lessons on Winnie today.  They were trying out the Western Saddle I got for them. It fit her very well and she seemed to like it.  Oh yes!  Their instructor bought my horse trailer and it should be gone tomorrow.

While Darrin was in the outdoor ring, I worked Abbe inside.  As soon as she saw Winnie, she acted like a brat!  Fortunately she settled down quickly and I had my best session of the week.
Do I have a long way to go.....
Tomorrow we go to Andrea's for a lesson.
The afternoon clouds were sensational.
The menu for tonight...Shish Ke Bobs, brown rice, salad, rolls and a gluten free carrot cake.
Before dinner we had appetizers on the porch....mixed olives, almonds, grapes, smoked bacon/cheese and crackers and cucumbers on pumpernickel with mayo and dill.
I marinated the chicken, zuchini, peppers, onions and mushrooms all day.

Ann brought one of the best salads I have ever eaten.  Greens with beets, asparagus, goat cheese, pecans and raspberry vinegarette dressing.
She also brought this very tasty appetizer...ummmm.  Shrimp on a sliced baguette with salsa.
Brenda made rolls and brought a great dessert which I forgot to photograph.
I still don't have good pictures of the girl's new haircuts, but this will give you an idea.  We are going for the Schnauzer look for Gucci.
And the Phoebster has her usual summer cut.
Time to go put the horses in so I can get some couch time.  Night all.....

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