Friday, June 5, 2009


This morning I had a grain delivery before the horses had even started on their morning feeding.  When the van was leaving Joe decided to check things out.
Phoebe and Gucci keep me company.
When I finished chores I decided to mow the back pasture.  It looks so much better now.
If you have horses and don't mow, your horses are losing out on better grass.
Since I had the lawn tractor in there, I also mulched the front paddock.
When Gary got home I borrowed his car and went to Wegmans to pick up 6 cases of water, 100 Nutty Buddies, 100 Ice Cream Sandwiches and 6 bottles of salad dressing.  Tomorrow there is an Open House at the Senior Center and the Association is treating 200 people to a Chicken BBQ .... I had to bring in these supplies.  Some members of the chorus are going to singing a couple songs there as part of the entertainment.
Gary's strawberry plants are in great shape and will be pumping out some fruit in the next week or so.
At 3:30 Justine had a lesson on Winnie.
They make a good team.

Even did a little jumping today.  Her Instructor, Jolene, may buy my horse trailer.  Yey!!!

Only a few more days before Gucci and Phoebe get haircuts.  Stayed tuned, as I have a creative idea for this one.
Tonight we had one of our favorite dinners.  Boneless chicken breasts with carmelized onions and carrots marinated in soy sauce and Italian dressing, topped with a little honey mustard and apricot/peach preserves.  I bake this in the oven and do potatoes at the same time.  The salad was organic mixed greens with onion, pears, crumbly blue and wine blush dressing.  You would love it!
Then, at 7:15 I went to Betty's house to play duplicate bridge.  Pete and I were asked to substitute again and it is only the second time we have played together.  We came in first place.

Unfortunately they have snacks....lots of this cake

and strawberry pizza...not to mention an apple tart, cheese and crackers, fruit salad, nuts and this list goes on....I brought Gary a doggie bag.
Betty lives in a large Cape Cod house and has more antiques than anyone I know.

She is quite a collector.

I loved her curtains.  Made you want to wear them and dance around.

So now it is after midnight.  The horses are in and I am ready to crash.  Will see what tomorrow brings.


Unknown said...

That looks a lovely home. Love the American clock on the mantleshelf. Regards, Mike.

Gayle said...

I'm jealous over the strawberry plants. I've been to two greenhouses so far and can't find any. No seed pototoes either. I'm a little does that happen? It's looking just beautiful around your place.