Saturday, June 6, 2009


Another beautiful morning. Started off cool and went up to about 70.  Gary helped me with chores and went out for coffee...I tried to do a few things in the house before taking a shower and going down to the Senior Center for an Open House.  Our final duty as co-presidents of the Association.
The gardens are now mainly filled with  Iris and daisies.
The shadows on the barn seemed very lacy to me at 7:30am.
Today I left the run in doors open for the horses to go in and out of the side pastures.  There were so many little black bugs flying around, they needed more places to get away from them.
I arrived at the Center around 11 and there were no parking places left.  Over 200 people were there for a free chicken BBQ.
... demos all over the place...everyone loved watching the line dancers.
Some members of the chorus performed.  Our Director was not available, but our pianist was, and she led us.  We sang four songs and considering it was a small group, we sounded pretty darn good.
There was also an entertainment group...they did a great variety of things.  
When I got home, I went out to work with Abbe...when Darrin and Trina showed up to take our utility trailer down to get inspected.  We have to get a hitch put on Gary's Forrester so I can at least get sawdust and move a lawnmower if I have to.  Anyway, it almost didn't pass inspection because of a short in the ground wire.  Fortunately and very generously, Darrin took the trailer home to get it working properly.  This family takes very good care of me!
My first order of business was trying on the new harness I got for Abbe.  She was fairly patient
as I messed around with all the straps and buckles.

Because I am so inexperienced about harnesses, I will need to have some alterations made on the traces and the crupper.  It's a good thing the price was right.

I called Smuckers regarding the changes that are needed, and they are out of business. Fortunately one of the family members is taking on some of the clients who need harnesses.
When we went into the indoor, Miss Abbe was full of beans and the beginning.  Fortunately she settled down and we did some nice soft work at the walk.  Andrea told me that I have to work her all 5 days next week so we can have a decent lesson on Saturday.  Hope I can meet her expectations.
These are the flowers of the week on our kitchen table!  I love having something there everyday.

Now I have to get to bed as I am doing chores at 6am tomorrow.  I will be the photographer at the Northampton Driving Society Show and want to get there before 8.  Should have some nice shots for tomorrow.

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Gayle said...

Abbe is such a beautiful horse. I know you'll find the time to work with her each day. You are determined to do this. Good luck.