Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Before we got out to the barn, Phoebe and Gucci saw some critter go into the wood pile.  The Guch jumped right up into the tree!
Fortunately they did not find anything.
Very determined tho.
It was a beautiful morning...almost 70.  Once again, the horses were back in the barn before I finished chores.  All that rain we had produced some nasty bugs.
Did a couple loads of laundry and hung it out on the line.
Quilts and sheets.  They smell so good!

This baby bird fell out of a nest somewhere around our back picket fence.  I did not think it would make it, but it's mother must be feeding it.  I tried to give it a worm this morning, but it just dropped on the grass.  Two times Gary has moved it deeper into the garden so the dogs don't get it, but it keeps coming out so the Mom can find it.  This is the second day and it is still surviving so I am quite certain it is being fed.

At 10:30 my class arrived.  We met out on the porch and I want to welcome a new student.  Mel has not done anything with his art for 30 years, and is ready to get started.  Mikayla (who will be a sophomore in high school next year) has come back for the summer.  She loves hanging around all of us old f_ _ _ _!  and we love having her.  She brought the three pieces below for me to look at.

I took the shot of the mountain outside on the porch and the sun was behind Mikayla.  I love the way it came through the paper.
Tina made a lot of progress on Buster Brown.  Again, the sun was on her drawing.
Here he is for real....and it really looks like him!

Gucci likes to check things out, so she stands on the stoop near the table my students were sitting at.

Sue got a new car since last class and gave us the big wave on the way out!
Sandy is still working on her three goats....
Tina has started working on her drawing of DJ and Eldorado (from a picture taken at the Driving Show).
Didn't that baby bird come out again?  I wish he could fly....

After chores, Gar wanted to go out to dinner...that did not bother me one bit!  It was BBQ night at 58 Main.  Got home, took off the horses masks and am ready for some PJs.  Tomorrow it is supposed to hit 87 or higher...time to get the fans out.

That's all folks.....


Mary Olson said...

I love your student's artwork. I sure hope that baby bird makes it!

allhorsestuff said...

I almosat warned you when i posted...thought of you sweetie..I guess we are in the same green boat...I would LOVE to live the way you do with horses AT HOME and an arena too! So we shall turnh shades of green forever more!
Love the quilts on the lines!

Esther Garvi said...

It's a beautiful day, both over here and at your place. I love the teamwork between Phoebe and Gucci!

SilverPoet said...

Those goat drawings are great! Not many people can do goats and capture their inquisitive nature.

SilverPoet said...

Those goat drawings are great! Not many people can do goats and capture their inquisitive nature.