Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I did not get in from morning chores until about 11.  Mowed a couple small pastures, threw down some hay, mulched the paddocks blah blah blah.

Thanks to a local farmer with great equipment, our manure pile was removed this afternoon.
After lunch, the girls and I took a ride over to the feed store to pick up some beet pulp.
They sell all kinds of things there, from hanging baskets to baby chicks.  I always pick up a bag of dried fruit when I am there.
Doesn't this building look like it should be in a children's book?
This boot was outside the front door.
When I got home, went out to work Miss Abbe.  Today I did not use the whole harness, just the surcingle and her driving bridle.  Winnie (who is in heat again) followed us over to the indoor and tried to sneak in.  Then she kept calling and went to the outdoor ring so Abbe could see her through the door.  My pony was really driving me nuts at the beginning, and once again it was my fault.  I threaded the lines lower on the surcingle and she did not like that at all.  When I moved them up where they belonged she was much better and we were able to end on a positive note.  Everyday I have learned a lesson.  I have confessed the goings on to Andrea and she tells me it is part of the process.  We have to just figure it out by working regularly.

When I turned Abbe out, she trotted out to the herd.

Then she had herself a nice long roll.

Jenny called and invited herself and the boys to dinner, as she wanted to come up and pick spinach.  I started on some spaghetti sauce, and then went out to unload the beet pulp. Fortunately, it was Justine's night to do chores.

The dogs came along, and I could not get one good photo of Buster Brown.  He is really growing.

After dinner Jen and the boys took the dogs down the lane for a walk.  It is the first time Buster was able to go off leash and really run.

Finn likes to wear Grampa's hat.
He was putting a real squeeze on his brother.
HERE'S WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS GOING TO GO!!!  I had a roofer come up and give me an estimate for the side of the barn that houses my tack room and Gary's shop.  Cha Ching....then another quote for a metal roof for the X-pool house.  Cha Ching....THEN!!!! He is looking into the price for the roof on my indoor.  The south side has been ruined by all the sun and the shingles are deformed and popping up!  They are so bad they have to be ripped off before they can put something new on....shingles or metal.  This bill is going to be a killer  CHA CHING!!!!!
And this barn is only 17 years old.  Gag me!
Jenny and her groupies returned from their walk, and now we are ready for some quiet time.

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Gayle said...

Home improvement projects are always so expensive aren't they? And since we do our own they are very time consuming as well. Hope you are able to get your roofing work done soon.