Sunday, June 14, 2009


A little after 6am it was an amazing morning....such light!!!!

Gary helped me with chores....the temperature in the barn was perfect.

Got the horses all fed and out...

The girls sat still long enough for me to get a picture of their new haircuts.
It was still early so Gar and I decided to go down to Brockport for breakfast at Java.
Here are a few shots of the Main Street in our Victorian Village.
This honkin' bike was parked out front.
The Art & Aesthetics helped get over 23 of these benches placed along Main Street, the Canal and a couple of side streets.

This is one of the most interesting buildings we have.
A few days ago Gary planted 2 dozen geraniums in front of our friend George's Vacuum Shop. What an improvement.  It is very inviting and he has gotten a lot of comments.  Little things like this make our village special.

When we got back to the farm, Phoebe and Gucci had to go run around for awhile.  That Gucci is driving me nuts.  She is an outrageous hunter and goes 90 mph when she gets outside...looking for chipmunks!!! 

After lunch we decided to go look for a couple of lawn chairs.  The clouds in the sky were begging to have their picture taken.

We bought a couple of those metal retro looking chairs which I will show you tomorrow.  Gary loves to sit out by his gardens and now he and his pals can do that in comfort.  We even got a little table for them to set their tea (beers) on.

Before evening chores, I actually tried to take a nap...I really did put my feet up and just cooled it for a good hour.

Gary had Canal Duty tonight, and I went out to do my usual.  Ideal weather.


I took the clothes off the line and caught a shot of the garden.  Have to go out now and pick some of that spinach for dinner.  We are eating it every single day!  


Gayle said...

Gucci looks fabulous with the haircut. She's so lean and fit. What a great looking dog!! The yard is beautiful. So much green...I love it. What did Gary use as mulch at the vacuum shop? Looks really nice. I see you mulch in your beds...deciding what would be best for me. We have such a short growing season I wonder if all the work is worth it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a lovely day. Everything looks so peaceful and serene on the farm. Your pups look adorable too in their haircuts.

CoyoteFe said...

Thanks for the Brockport Travelogue! Love the tea-beer concept, and howdy back to your silhouette!

Mary Olson said...

I love spinach! Seems like when I try to grow anything leafy though that something (rabbits?) always gets to it before I do.

Anonymous said...

How do you manage to capture the subtleties of light like that?

thecrazysheeplady said...

I just love visiting your blog. What a beautiful farm and neat little town. Thanks for sharing!