Friday, June 26, 2009


The morning started out to be bright and comfortable.  When I finished chores I decided to drag the indoor.... Justine and Darrin have lessons today.
Then I did a little mowing out back and it started to sprinkle.
The sky kept changing and there were storm warnings on TV.
A little after noon I took a shower as I had a Doctor's appointment (routine) at 1:00.  Thunder, thunder, thunder.  The sky became very dark and it started to pour.  I threw on some clothes, grabbed an umbrella and went out to close barn doors and put the horses in.  The paddock was a disaster.  How was I ever going to get where I had to be by 1?  Closed everything up as it was blowing very hard and the rain wanted to come in the barn.  I had to wash my feet again, they were so messed up from going hair still needed to be dried, and just when I got in the skies opened up again.  Half a mile down the road the pavement was dry.  Two miles later it started to light after that it started to pour.
Pretty soon the visibility was poor.
Just five more minutes and I would be there.
In the Village it started to hail again....little machine gun bullets hitting my car.

Got home around 2:15 and the sun was out.  The temperature had dropped to 63 and now it was back up to 79 and muggy.
These two pigeons think the old hay is for them.

The skies kept changing, but no more rain.

When the lessons were over, I got Abbe ready for some work.  This time I put on the full harness and used long lines.  I forgot to take pictures while we were in the indoor.
But here is a beauty that I took in the tack room while I was removing her harness.
The horses were back out before 2 and seemed pretty content with the weather.

A year ago I had to put down Shenna, at age 36.  My good friend Tina brought me a plant in memory of her....and guess what!!!!  It had blossoms this year later.

It can be seen from the paddock where she used to hang out with her boyfriend Joe.  I miss that old girl.
The day lillies in that same garden....the first blossom is 5 feet tall!!!
The snow on the mountain is still going strong.....

...and is filling in all over the place.  Pretty soon the stone path won't show.

What did we have for dinner tonight?  Leftovers from last night....Homemade mac and cheese, zuchini and corn fritters, chicken Helen and another spinach salad.

My favorite summer drink is sun tea with fresh lemon and lots of ice...

Watched PBS news after dinner (almost fell asleep).  Gucci joined me.
I'm looking toward the back's now time to go out and get those masks off the horses.
Night all.


Gayle said...

You truly have a beautiful home.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

That rain has been crazy lately hasnt it!...the horse pics are beautiful and you had a busy day! How neat is it that your flowers are blooming a year later...sorry about having to put her down. I know it was a sad day! Your home is beautiful!