Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Since I went to bed earlier than usual, I woke up a little after 5:15 this morning.  By 6:15 the sun was shining into the kitchen.
Went out a little early and Abbe was waiting at her window.  Did chores and went in the house to do some paper work.

Passed these lillies on the way.
I put the dogs in the yard while I finish things up in the barn so I don't have to keep track of them. 

Did a lot of work on my computer today, trying to calculate what it costs me to take care of each horse (grain, hay, bedding and supplements).  The end result was staggering!  Then, I did some research regarding IKO Manufacturing...the wonderful company that made the shingles that are on my indoor.  Their warranty is a joke!  I called an 800 number and it would not accept my call.  I sent an email to their contact me address and it came back.  I left a message for the area sales rep for IKO...he has not called me back.  I called two law firms regarding a class action suit that was filed against them on April 30, 2009 and they took my information. Finally got connected to Quality Service for IKO and they will not send a rep to look at my roof...will send claim papers but unless I have the receipt for the roofing .... no deal.
The contractor gave me one bill that included the roof (16 years ago, and he is no longer in business).  So far two estimates have been given to me and both contractors said the same thing...."IKO shingles don't hold up...something wrong with the production."  Who knows what will happen...I will try to get on board with the clash action suit.

Anyway....(as Ellen would say)...I did a little weeding in the strawberry patch, came in to cool off and then went out to try a harness on Abbe.  It belongs to my good friend Tina, who uses it on her Haflinger, Sunshine.  I have posted many photos of him under "Christina's World."  It fit her very well and I will take it to my lesson on Saturday to see what Andrea thinks.

It was so hot I did not want to leave the fan in the grooming room, but knuckled under and took Abbe over to the indoor.  She was so good today!  The heat must have made her more cooperative.
When I turned her out, she came back inside to see if she could find a carrot.
Do you have weeds like this growing on your barn????
Very simple dinner tonight....Sloppy Joes served on toasted hot dog rolls and on the side....
TTTAAAAAA DAAAAAHHHHH! it looks like a spinach salad (topped with tomato and my 6 bean salad).  We are still eating spinach every single day.

I know I am going to be very tired tonight as I got up too early...maybe later...maybe not.


Gayle said...

I bet 91 felt wonderful. I had about 45 or maybe even cooler. It did not feel good! Why were you calculating the costs? Are you considering cutting back or adding to? I wonder what your costs are compared to here? Dinner looks always does!

Gayle said...

p/s The last bale of hay (which they told my husband was 100 pounds, but I don't believe it because I was able to move it although maybe I am getting was $17.00. Lots of green leafy stuff in it.