Monday, June 8, 2009


A beautiful morning...bright and crisp.  Got up early as I had to get Ann Forrest out to Glen Darach Farm for a saddle fitting clinic.  After the driving show yesterday, I quickly made a batch of rhubarb crisp, did the chores and drove to Buffalo to pick her up. She had spent the last two days in Jamestown where she worked with 21 clients.  This is our 10th year doing the clinic . 

As you can see, our wild yellow roses are in full bloom.

Ann and I arrived at Glen Darach at 8am.
Joan was waiting for her appointment while Ann worked with Jan.
A woman drove all the way from Syracuse to have her saddle checked.  She said she had wanted to visit some of the garden stores in the area, so I took her to "Sara's."  
At 1 I had to go to the Senior Center to give my final report, and stopped to buy groceries on the way home.  Before chores I worked with Abbe.  Andrea wanted me to lounge her and then put on her bridle with blinders and line drive her.  The lounging got her all excited.  Today I set up ground poles and she went over them on the lounge and when when was being driven. Putting on her driving bridle in the indoor after being worked awhile...did not go that smoothly.  She would not stand still the way she should (a giant step backwards).
I picked the back pasture and then did chores.  Abbe would loved to have joined me in the feed room.

My two pups were out there with me, as they are every time I do chores.

Tonight I took some leftover BBQed chicken breasts and turned them into chicken salad (grapes, craisins, celery and crushed pineapple).  I set it on a bed of baby spinach that I picked out of our garden.  On the side I had sliced apples and strawberries (that I also picked from the garden).  Served with a multi grain roll...yum.

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A very fine lunch!

Thank you again!