Friday, June 19, 2009


The blooming flower of the day...I have no idea what it is.
It took me forever to do chores this morning.  Joe was lame and Randy came up to check him out.  We soaked a couple of his feet, adjusted a post that Abbe moved, changed a light bulb, threw down hay blah blah blah.  Then, Danny's Small Engine repair delivered our riding lawn mower, which they have had for a week.  All that rain made the grass grow like crazy and I could not wait to get things back to normal.  I not only mow the lawn, I mow around all the pastures so we have a nice path to walk on.

Our day lillies are getting as tall as me....all 2 billion of them!  We need to get rid of so many!!!
The horses approved of the weather today and did not come in to get out of the sun. 

Is this cute or what?  That is Miss Glen Aberlour's hoof.
Speaking of Abbe, I went out to work her at 4pm.  It is not easy for me to take a photo when I am long lining her.  My knees have been killing me since I got serious about this training project, so now I am doing it every other day.  Tomorrow we will have a lesson with Andrea.
All these daisies are in one of the pastures.

Gary worked on the gardens today...these are the onions.

I'm convinced that the garlic is going to be ready early...perfect growing conditions and rich soil.
Tonight we are going out to dinner with Jack and Louise, so I went out to pick some spinach for them.  We can hardly keep up with it, it is growing so fast.  Everyday we eat it and give some to our friends.  Anyway, the dogs ran around while I was in the garden.

I would not be surprised if Gucci ate a strawberry.

The end?  Depends on if I get more exciting photos tonight.



Unknown said...

Hope Joe is now more comfortable. I think he's my favourite of your horses.
I think you two must be unique. In that I can't remember a farmer being happy with the weather conditions before.
Cheers, Mike.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Such a beautiful look around the place! We have had an over abundance of rain too but its made everything so green and grow so big!