Friday, June 19, 2009


I thought I was through posting for the night, but could not help myself.  We went out for dinner tonight and on the way home (around 8:45) the sky demanded to be photographed.
We were driving along Route 104, better known as Ridge Road.  Typical sprawl area.
Full of Malls and car dealerships.

This last shot was taken at 9:20.  Now I am really finished for the night.


restoration42 said...

The colors right as the sun is setting over Greece St. are just amazing.

Gayle said...

The sky was very beautiful, but it makes me very glad that I have daylight all night long. I know we burn our candles at both ends sometimes, but it is so worth it.

Michaela said...

Beautiful! I am sure you'll wake up to another sunny day!

Unknown said...

What a glorious evening, Lori; and very well recorded.

Carolyn said...

Both posts are full of wonderful SWF photos. I always love the unexpected photos. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Jim said...

Hi Lori, you have found some pretty skies for your posting. I picked SkyWatch II for the comment. Your barn picture is the greatest, the faded boards came out really nice.
Happy SkyWatching.
BTW, My dog, Adi and I are a registered therapy dog team. Now we are visiting at a local assisted living home. Our first year we tutored a sixth grade boy with his reading. Then we switched to visiting the older people.
Paste this link to read about her:
You keep up your good work. Don't the dogs just love it! Adi sure does.