Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The sun was shining into the kitchen at 6:30am.  I love it when the light is like this.
It made the wheat field look more yellow.
It even got under the porch roof.
The peonies on the kitchen table are starting to fade, but the light made them interesting too.
Here are the retro chairs we got...a lot more comfortable than those ratty old folding things.
This was the view as I was out picking a pasture...yes, I'm am one of the few loonies who does this everyday....they are pristine.
Had a grain delivery this morning.  The horses could care less when he drives his van into the paddock.
We have tons of you?

Had my class from 10:30-noon and forgot to take photos.  After lunch I decided to go look at some hay before I figure out who I want to buy from.  With all these golden oldies, I really need soft and green.

The Canal Road is windy and the trees meet in the center in some spots.

I preferred to take this route on my way out to Hulberton.

We are starting to see more and more boats now.

Gucci and Phoebe came along for the ride.
In the next village over, Holley, they have a beautiful park next to the Canal.  Many concerts are held there during the summer.

We had to cross a couple of bridges to get where we were going.  I rode Berlin along this part of the Canal a couple of months ago.  She was not too excited at this particular spot, as there was a gigantic boat next to the path for the winter, and it was covered with a huge blue tarp that was blowing in the wind.
We finally got to our destination.  This is the driveway that goes back to the most meticulous property you could ever ask for.
Like the man said, the hay was green, soft and smelled like heaven.  I'm going to take about 350 bales, and then get some second cutting later.
This is election night in Brockport.  In a few minutes we are going down to a friend's house who is running for Mayor.  It's a 3 way race, and we have no sense about what will happen.  I put a bottle of champagne in the frig just in case we are able to have a real celebration.  Who knows, I may have to post more pictures later.


Anonymous said...

The hay looks great! when I looked at the picture on my full screen I could almost smell it.
Sorry I didn't have time to make that trip with you. The picture was the next best thing. Hope that the weather allows a delivery here at Christina's world on Saturday.

CoyoteFe said...

The morning light on the peonies was so beautiful! Also, I could almost smell your hay. You have wheat fields??

Mary Olson said...

I love those kind of outdoor chairs! Brings back memories of sitting outside my aunt and uncles cabin. I'm happy if I can keep up on picking out the stalls and paddock. You are a bundle of energy!

Esther Garvi said...

I love waking up to morning light! Sunshine is better than coffee! Although coffee with sunshine is moment hard to beat.. :-D

Greetings from Sweden!

Kenney's said...

You know who to call for 4 sets of hands eager to help unload and stack the hay

Anonymous said...

That early morning light is the best. I love that I'm a morning person and get to see so many sunrises!

I also love your vintage chairs and wish I had a pair for our deck. Carmon

Grey Horse Matters said...

I remember those chairs from my grandmother's house. Comfortable yes, but the metal ones get really hot if you're wearing shorts. Ouch!
Nice hay, good luck with the election and I love your pictures and morning light.

Gayle said...

Picking the fields every day isn't loonie...just means you like things nice and you have lots of energy. Did you ever say how the mayor's race turned out?