Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Up and at um...Finished chores in time to welcome John, our farrier, who had three horses to finish up.  PC, Target and Abbe practically fell asleep while their feet were being trimmed.

Sweet Duncan waited in the truck.
Last week he turned one year old.

After John left, I made a salad...took a shower and we were off to Kendall to attend a pot luck lunch at the home of our chorus director.  An absolutely beautiful cobblestone...
They have a new puppy....Coda....another happy yellow lab.
The second day in a row for having a big feast.  Tomorrow we have to cool it.
Mary Ellen and Jay have many gardens...all gorgeous.

Got home a little after 2 and took Phoebe and Gucci down to the Brockport Animal Hospital for heartworm tests and Phoebe's annual physical.

They are both so well behaved when they are there.  Quiet and cooperative.
Dr. Edwards, my favorite small animal vet ever, has a green thumb....out near where I parked my car were these beautiful...huge yellow iris.
When I got back home, a harness I recently purchase through EBay arrived.  After opening the box, I was very pleased with the quality of the leather...but was sad to see that the traces did not have the slots that connect to the whipple tree...instead, it was something I had never seen before....SO I packed it in the car, along with my other harness and the two dogs and we drove out to Glen Darach Farm where Andrea could help me figure it all out.  I will probably have to make a few alterations to get it to work.
By now it was after 7 and we drove down Canal Road on the way home.  The water was so peaceful looking.

The sky photos were all shot from our pasture, when I went out to take the horse's masks off.

Getting close to dark, so the paddock light came on.
Put the horses in for the night around 11 and now I am ready to crash.  More tomorrow....


Gayle said...

You do live such a full life! I've decided I'm just in love with Duncan. Something about his face draws me in... Glad the leather was in good shape, I hope you can make it work for you. Ebay is a risk so I hope you didn't waste your money. Everything is so green where you are. I wish we had a quicker "green-up". I suppose our lack of rain isn't helping.

Kenney's said...

Oh you're cruel. You just had to slip in the cobblestone house/farm didn't you?

Anonymous said...

You have the kind of idyllic life that people write about in books. Or make radio shows about.

You should write a book! Or go on Prairie Home Companion.

I would love to be a fly on your wall any day of the week.