Thursday, June 4, 2009


Chilly, sunny and buggy (until the wind came up).  After chores I had to put up a couple of boards that I think Big Joe rubbed up against and pushed out....then I dragged the outdoor arena.  My good friend Judy found me back there and we must have talked for half an hour.  She will be at her Brockport home (lives in Florida most of the year) until next Tuesday and I look forward to getting into our usual trouble while she is here.
As you can see, we are now living in the world of Jack and the Beanstalk!
Gucci always jumps down from the stoop before I can get a picture of her with Phoebe.
When I got back in the house, my laundry was done so I hung it on the line.  Classic, isn't it?
At 2pm... had an appointment with a massage therapist.  I really needed it!  This gorgeous tree was outside the building.
When I got home, our friends Mike and Barb (who had called earlier) had arrived and were sitting under the pergola with Gary.
Nice person that I am....prepared drinks and a snack.

Mike and Barb live in a great house on Chautauqua Lake.  They both went all through school with Gary and have stayed in touch since kindergarten.

They had stayed overnight in Fairport, and stopped at the Farm to check on Gary. 
He really enjoyed seeing his long lost pals.  (So did I).

The wind made it so cold, Barb had to move her chair into the sun.
Hi Mike...I know you are checking out my Journal to see if I put on some pictures of you!
The Kenney's came up to get Winnie so she could go to Canandaigua for a saddle fitting.  She is one shiney horse.  I wonder if they found something....
Gary and I had a quick dinner before I picked up Judy and we went to see the movie "Angels and Demons."  Did you see it?  What did you think?

That's all folks!  Aloha Kim!!!!


CoyoteFe said...

My goodness! What would you do were there not 24 hours in a day??
Gary looks good - yea!
I saw Angels and Demons. Odd script. Had to laugh when Tom Haanks told the Italian police that they needed to "act like cops!" What? Did he think he was in Philly? Liked the anti-matter reaction though.

Nea said...

Have read the books, but not sure if I want to see the films.