Saturday, April 30, 2011


 This was not the hottest day we've had so far...but it was one of the most beautiful.
 When I went to the barn it was cool but very promising.
 I figured "what the heck" and let the horses out on the big pasture today.  Much of the water had gone down and they were very happy to be out there.
 Barb helped with chores.  It felt so good to have the sun out and no wind.
 Bermuda even came out to enjoy it.

Moved a little more brush out to the road for the pick up later this coming week and then got ready for drumming.
 This is Hartwell Hall.
Drumming takes place in one of the dance studios.
 It was the first building constructed on the SUNY campus 175 years ago...
and is by far, my favorite.

When I got home, the weather conditions were perfect.

 Gary was out back planting onions.  He must have at least 500 in the ground by now.
Spoke to my friend Judy on the phone.  She was going to bring up a pizza for a late dinner.  Fine with me!  Around 6:30 I went out to pick the pastures.  Sidney joined me.
 The ponies were hanging around the front paddock.  They knew it was time to go in.

Miss Piggy had to get in her last roll of the day.

 The sun was shining into the barn.
 Before too long, the ponies will have their evening grain and go back outside.
 Back in the house around 7:40.
 Made a nice bigga salad (again).

 Judy got here around 8 and we had a yummy dinner.  Just right.
Lots of chatter and many laughs.
 Needed some new posies for the kitchen table.

 It's late.  I need to get up early in order to be in Rochester by 7:45 am.  A group of drummers will be urging (drumming) the 2000 participants to keep running in a half marathon.  Should be kind of fun!
Night all.

Friday, April 29, 2011


 Around the world, people woke up to this.
 I did not tune in until 6:30 when I let the dogs out.
 It was a stunning event alright, and I'm amazed how many hundreds of hours of attention it received.
 Regal, over the top, an upper, fantasy world, proud subjects....and beautiful horses.

Back here at Skoog Farm it was the same old same old.
 Fed the ponies, cleaned the stalls....
 and waited to see what the weather was going to do.
 It did nothing that I was looking for.
 Grey, a little rain....cold.
 It didn't stop the garlic from growing...
 ...the kitties don't hardly come in the house anymore.
 I think I'd better get some new Crocs....these were waiting for me on the porch when I got back to the house.

At 11 I remembered that Gary was in Brockport helping to plant trees, so I went down for a quick photo shoot (see post below on Arbor Day).
Margay and her crew were busy!
 Then it was time for another trip to Wegmans.  I love these trees when they are in bloom.  The parking lot is extremely well landscaped.
 Home.  Lunch.  Then back down to Brockport for another visit to the Massage Therapist.
 My body is still a wreck from two weeks ago when I moved an extremely heavy ladder trying to get Seymour down from the top beam in Gary's barn.  Won't do that again.

Of course I can't go there without taking a picture of the fish.

Gary met Finn and Coop at the bus this afternoon and Jen was getting home late so I invited them to dinner.
 The adults had bigga (Sharon) salads.  Leaf lettuce, red romaine, onions (regular and carmelized), chicken, pears, apples, craisins and crumbly blue.  Ummmmmmmmmmm!
 The boys had mac and cheese with toasted bread, apples and more.

 After dinner, Coop and Finn went outside to find the cats.  Barb showed up and started chores....we were supposed to switch next Friday not tonight.  Oh well.  It worked out fine.
 Anyway, when the boys got in they had dessert.  Grampa picked up some Neopolitan Ice Cream.
 Do you think someone was tired?

They left before 7.  I'll bet Coop was asleep as soon as he got in the car.
That's it.  Going to watch a movie tonight.
Night all.