“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Woke up to rain
and more wind.
Put the hay under the shed roof
and King Mustafa was in the other run-in.
 The ponies were not interested in going outside.
 Abbe got a little wet when she wandered over to visit her boyfriend.
 Barb helped with chores and I was back in the house before 9.

Made myself one fried egg and an English Muffin.
 Fred saw Lizzie's suitcase and knew something was going on.
 What a great dog.  He was mellow the entire time.
 After much conversation, they had to head back to Pennsylvania.
 We had a short but very sweet time together.
She and Gary have known each other since kindergarten.
I sure wish she lived around here!  Hopefully there will be another visit sooner than later.
 Then, it was time for drumming.
 Khalid was ready to roll, even tho he has been performing this week with Sankofa.
 For the first two hours I played my new drum.  Lots to learn.
 There were only a handful of us when we started, but ended up with a large group.  Jackie (on the left) played my drum and I switched back to my djembe for the 3rd hour.  She did a great job drumming in the Sankofa concert last night.
 Home a little after 4:30.  It was still sprinkling.
 The flowers were enjoying it.
 A quick supper and out to do chores.
 The horses were put back in around 10:30 as the weather was just too crummy.  Barb let them out after I went to drumming and reset the stalls for the night feeding.  How lucky am I????
 Of course all the piggies had a good roll.

 Finished up around 7, and it was finally trying to clear up a bit.

 Ya see this barn?  This morning Seymour climbed up to the beam that runs the length of the peak on the inside.  Believe me, that is very high off the ground!  I called him and he didn't come down.  Figured...he got up there, he could figure it out.  Wrong!  At 5pm he was still up there.  I started hauling ladders around but didn't get anywhere until Gary got home.  He set one up on the 2nd floor and was able to stretch it all the way to the top of the barn.  Lucky for Seymour.
 Now, my lids are having difficulty staying open.  Night all.


  1. I always love a visit to the farm, Lori. I get such a sense of the natural order of things, of chores, honest work, friends (two- and four-legged) ... and I loved "Then, it was time for drumming." lol! One day, I really want to learn but until then, I get to enjoy by visiting you!

  2. Sorry you're soggy. It just makes things harder.
    That Seymour! Let's hope he learned a lesson.

  3. As always your pictures are great! So glad you got to Seymour!

  4. A fried egg and an english muffin is my breakfast most days. --nothing like an egg fresh from our chickens. And some good strong coffee.

  5. Once again, Lori, I enjoyed a wander through your farm with you. Love the horses, and of course, pleased that your hubby could rescue Seymour! Have a great day Jo. PS please send us some rain!

  6. Seymour!!! Silly cat! Abbe and KM are so sweet to have such a crush on each other.

  7. please please, I have never been to a barn dance. Can I coem?

  8. All those critters just make me smile... :-)


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